How Often Should My Windows Be Professionally Washed?

Experts recommend having your windows washed twice a year. This usually does not happen because it is a big task that few homeowners want to do. This is because window washing is a chore is that takes a lot of time and effort on the homeowner’s part. Unfortunately, many homeowners fail to adequately wash their windows. Rather, they wipe them which simply moves the dirt around while also placing a static charge on the glass to attract more dirt in the future. Soon after finishing, your windows will look dirty again. To avoid this, call the professionals at iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. for any window washing needs you may have.

Windows are an extremely important feature of any home. They let in light, work to keep weather out and provide us with views of the outside world. When windows are dirty, they can detract from this overall look, both inside and out. iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. has the tools, time and skill to properly clean your windows. There is little that can transform a space like newly washed windows. You will be surprised at the amount of light and clarity you get when your windows are clean.

Are There Benefits to Professional Window Cleaning?

While many homeowners may tackle the daunting task of window cleaning all on their own, there are many benefits to hiring a professional to clean your windows:
  • Professional Window Cleaning Offers Better Results – Professional cleaners can bring that “showroom shine” to your home through professional window washing. This service will leave your windows looking far better than you could have imagined. While most homeowners can wash their own windows, when you compare the time, equipment and specialty cleaning solutions a pro will bring to the job, it is pretty easy to see why so few homeowners will ever produce the same results as a professional crew, like those at iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc..
  • Professional Window Washing Does Not Cut Corners – Most people who end up washing their windows will view a full weekend of work as a daunting task. Many would rather do something else with that off time. This leads many to cut corners which will not give you the results you seek. Spend you free time doing what you want when you hire a professional window cleaning service. Experience Janitorial Service can provide a team of professionals who will never cut corners.
  • Professional Window Cleaning Companies Are Actually Affordable – While professional window washing will never be less expensive than you cleaning your own windows, the small price you pay is well worth the time and energy you save.
The team at iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. is proud to offer affordable and highly dependable window washing in Orange County. When your windows are dirty and you are unable or unwilling to clean them yourself, turn to the trusted team at iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc..

What is Your Service Area?

iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. is proud to offer:
  • Window Washing in Costa Mesa
  • Window Washing in Huntington Beach
  • Window Washing in Irvine
  • Window Washing in Newport Beach
  • Window Washing in Westminster
  • Window Washing in Brea
  • Window Washing in Yorba Linda
  • Window Washing in La Habra
  • Window Washing in Lake Forest

If you live in Orange County and need your windows professionally cleaned, call iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. today!

Why Choose iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc.?

iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. has offered window washing in Orange County for the last 40 years. When you need the best window cleaning services at the best price, always call iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc.. When you choose our range of services you will also receive:

  • Great Customer Service
  • 24 Hour Service / 7 Days a week
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Best Prices on Supplies
  • Full Service Company
  • Trained and Experienced Janitors and Cleaners
iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. offers a dependable staff who have a long history of completely satisfied customers. We tailor each cleaning service to meet our client’s specific needs and budget, while also ensuring they get exactly what they want. If you want a quick quote and service turnaround, give iClean Commercial Cleaning Services Inc. a call today!